Fleshy Auto-Sucking Masturbator – Upgraded


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– AcmeJoy brand new masturbation cup CLIMBER with lifelike inner liner.

– The visual window lets you watch every suction and piston movement.

– Multiple combinations of 10-frequency vibration and 5-pattern suction.

One-click-pause and long-press-boost functions can deliver more intense orgasms.



Blockbuster launch in 2022! Acmejoy’s new masturbation cup CLIMBER will give you an orgasm like no other. Ram your penis into the hyper-realistic & thickened sleeve- it wraps tightly around your penis, and tons of stimulus inside deliver a more authentic experience at the same time. The CLIMBER masturbation cup has been upgraded with 10-frequency vibration and 5-frequency telescoping, meaning it can bring more thrilling combos that can meet all your needs! The close-ended sleeve creates a natural sucking sensation with the retractable function turned on. In addition, it upgrades a new one-click-pause button, which allows you to pause when you want, and then quickly return to the previous frequency when you restart. In other words, this feature allows you to have a sex experience called Edging, which helps to delay your orgasm and make it more intense once it occurs. Be sure to use it when you long for a more explosive orgasm! Long press and hold the telescoping button, the explosion mode will be triggered. When you’re about to cum, this wise function can take you all the way to orgasmic bliss!! Sucking Master is detachable; after use, you can easily take out the sleeve for cleaning and drying.



Size: 12*3.5”

Net weight: 2lb

Material: ABS+TPE+silicone


Package included:

1*masturbation cup

1*charging cable


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