Automatic masturbation cup for men – internal expansion


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Fall into a lifelike sensation with SteamyFun’s second-generation retractable spinning wand. This top-of-the-line toy combines soft, stretchy material with a tight entrance that leads to an ultra-textured 5-inch tube with ribs and knots. Wrap its tube around your entire length and explore 3 modes with the push of a button until you find one that turns you on. The machine’s sleeve is made of high-quality and durable safety TPE material that is soft and grainy to give you endless friction pleasure. It features plump, realistic pussy lips that spread open to surround your pleasure stick, feel better than the real thing, and stretch to accommodate most men. Use some water-based lubricant and just slide your penis into it and let it amaze you! Has a recording feature to give you a more realistic feel to the experience. This design is really great for self-pleasure.

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