What Does a Thrusting Butt Plug Feel Like

Whether you’re just beginning to look into butt plugs or are very familiar with them, opting for the best thrusting butt plug for yourself is a great way to add something new and fresh to your sex life.

Among so many choices on market, knowing which one to choose can be a bit difficult. Luckily, we’ve got this excellent blog to butt plugs to help you find one that fits your needs well.

And for those who need an introduction or refresher, we’ve put together an excellent guide covering common questions like what a butt plug is, what a butt plug feels like, how to insert a butt plug, what options for size and material, and more!

What is a butt plug?

A thrusting butt plug, or anal plug, is a special sex toy that a person uses to insert into the anus for the wonderful sexual pleasure. It is named for its performance: people insert butt plugs into the anus and act as a plug for the orifice. Butt plugs are typically designed with flare bottoms or other mechanisms that prevent them from going too far inside the rectum.

The typical butt plug consists of 4 sections: the tapered tip, the thick bulb, the narrow neck, and the broad base. Anyone can enjoy them, as the body naturally tenses and release around the plug will enhance climax greatly.

Why do people use butt plugs?

Butt plugs are one of the most popular sex toys for anal play. The toy helps people enjoy hands-free anal stimulation for prolonged periods. It can intensify orgasm for both men and women and is also a great way to prepare for anal sex. Butt plugs can be used to warm up on your way to anal sex, on their own, in conjunction with penetrative sex, with clitoral stimulation while masturbating; Using anal plugs can narrow the vagina, which may mean heightened stimulation for both partners. There are lots of possibilities here. Just use your imagination and enjoy it!

Why are butt plugs so great?

Butt plugs come in various shapes and sizes, providing different sensations to the wearer and their partners. Below are a few ways that butt plugs enhance new sexual experiences.

1.Enlarge the size of the anus

If a person tries butt plugs of different sizes and shapes, it will help stretch the anus, which may be beneficial for a person who wants to try anal sex. And as times go, he or she will find the correct size to fit the need better.

2.Stimulate the prostate

A person with a prostate inserts a butt plug can pressure on the prostate, leading to a pleasurable sensation. They will enjoy having a butt plug in while they have penetrative sex or during masturbation. Experiencing prostate stimulation during these acts may add to a person’s pleasure.

3.New sensations of sexual exploration

Wearing a butt plug during partnered play or masturbation is often associated with a sense of “fullness.” This added dimension of pleasure is excellent on its own or coupled with other forms of stimulation, such as penetration, vibrations and more.

Safety considerations of butt plugs

Selecting a butt plug that is too large will be difficult to insert, and as soon as you begin to pump, you can feel that your muscles are not relaxed, and the skin around the anus may crack slightly. Purchasing a size smaller is the best choice as it will still inflate much more than enough for most users.

Ordering from a reliable company also needs to be considered. Any user who inflates an inflatable plug inside themselves doesn’t need any unnecessary occurrences. A butt plug that stays inflated would mean an unexpected trip to the emergency room. Hence, remember to buy premium-quality butt plugs from reputable sellers.

Types of butt plugs available

These butt plugs all feature a characteristic teardrop-like shape, even in numerous varieties. You can use the toy to plug your anus. That creates a particular type of pressure that can make you tremble!

Anyone who has an anus and some enthusiasm can use them. That means anal plugs are a universal toy that transcends sexual orientation and gender.

1.Inflatable butt plug

You already know what a butt plug is and probably know what it means to be inflatable too. So, combine those dual understandings to grasp what we deal with here.

An inflatable butt plug enters the anus and then expand based on various criteria. You can use them to stretch the canal in preparation for lovemaking, or you can pleasure yourself when no partner is nearby. These devices are highly versatile, meaning people can use them vaginally.

There are more variations on the inflatable plug design than a hollow butt plug. Here are some of the styles you can find for the correct inflatable butt plug:

Silicone inflatable plugs

Beaded silicone inflatable plugs

Large inflatable plugs

Flesh-colored rubber inflatable plugs

Large inflatable plugs

2.Vibrating butt plug 

Getting a vibrating one is a great way to add even more pleasure if you feel bored with butt plugs. Good vibrating butt plugs generally come in silicone and use a bullet vibe add-on to make them shake.

3.Weighted silicone plugs 

Fancy the idea of a silicone plug but also want some weight behind it. B-Vibe’s new Weighted Silicone Plug range finally solves this issue.

4.Bunny tail butt plugs

A bunny plug is an anal plug with a fluffy, rounded tail attached to the base. It can be playful and fun. Nothing proves this more than a bunny tail butt plug.

What does a butt plug feel like

Both males and females can benefit from wearing a butt plug during intercourse. The benefits are different for people, but they are enjoyable! A butt plug can significantly enhance orgasms because of the additional internal pressure. Many people increase this pressure further by removing the plug right at the point of orgasm.

For women specifically, the plug will provide pressure from the anus to the vagina. It will make their vagina feel “tighter,” stimulating penetration. Of course, their partner can benefit from this increased tightness as well.

How Long can you wear a butt plug

Please remove it immediately if there is any significant discomfort or bleeding upon insertion of the butt plug; please see a doctor if a considerable amount of blood or bleeding doesn’t stop after a substantial period. No matter how embarrassing it might seem, internal bleeding is no laughing matter, and it’s way more embarrassing to have died of butt hemorrhage than to have a few nurses and doctors know you’re into some kinky stuff.

It’s better for a butt plug should be inserted not to exceed 2-3 hours. Because the anal cavity is susceptible, sores may develop if a toy stays inside the anal hole for too long.

Clean your butt plug

Cleaning your butt plug is quite simple. The process will take only some minutes, so there’s no good reason not to clean your butt plug regularly. Besides, you risk inserting bacteria and germs into your anus if you don’t clean your sex toys, leaving you prone to infections.

Just like with any other sex toy, cleaning your butt plug is a vital part of the process. Fortunately, butt plugs are extremely easy to clean! You can clean it using antibacterial soap and warm water. Wash it first using soap and water, then again using only water to remove any residue.

If your plug is made from silicone, glass, or metal, you can sterilize it with boiling water. However, you’ll need to ensure it contains no electronic components first. If it does, don’t boil it! You should also avoid boiling a plug if it has a “jewel” on end, as the heat will likely undo the glue securing the “jewel.”

Final thoughts

Butt plugs can transform your sex life and give you intense anal pleasure! Now that you know about choosing the perfect toy, it’s time to put your thoughts into action. Find your ideal butt plug and let your imagination roam free! 

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